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The Importance Of Having A Do Not Disturb Application On Your Phone.

One of the most fascinating gadgets today are mobile phones especially when you consider how handy they can be. There is no denying just how much this gadget has been embraced by the current generation and you will hardly go a few meters without finding someone busy on their phone or even making a call. Anytime you need to make an emergency call, you most definitely make such a call using your mobile phone. Moreover, your phone also comes in quite handy when you need to plan your calendar and schedule different events. In cases where you need to pass on a message then your phone is also the gadget that you use for such communication. We cannot exhaust all the uses of mobile phones but at least we can acknowledge the fact that even for work and sending important emails, these gadgets will suffice. In short, mobile phones are the indispensable gadgets of our generation. Now even with all these benefits, there downsides to having a mobile phone and one of the common ones is the embarrassment it can cause in situations where it rings in the middle of an important meeting or event. First of all, you get funny stares and to top it, it can be mortifying trying to find your phone in order to shut it down. The people around not only give you disapproving stares, but it also completely throws you off as you fumble to find the phone so that you can stop the ringing. One of the solutions to this is putting your phone on silent mode but unfortunately, this does not give you the functionality and flexibility that you should have especially when you need to schedule times for such a mode to be activated. this is why do not disturb apps are the go to solutions today.

The most obvious advantage of having such an application is that you can schedule specific modes for specific times on your phone. For instance, such an application can help with alerting people that you’re driving when they make calls during such a time. Usually, the silent mode setting in most phones put everything including every single application on silent but with the do not disturb application, you can specifically choose what to put on silent and what not to. Even better is the fact that you have the opportunity to select the specific contacts that can call you when your phone is on the do not disturb mode. The whole point of having this application is the ability to be better organized and also avoid any unnecessary interruptions during crucial meetings or events. The good news is that you easily download and install such applications according to your preference since they are so many for both android and apple phones.

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